• 70% profit guaranteed.
    • Most fundraising companies offer 30-50%. We give $7 back for every $10 book sold.
  • Amazing product
    • No Spoiling
    • No Breakage
    • Everyone uses coupons in this economy.
  • Easy sales process; make twice as much money with half the effort!
    • No order taking necessary
    • No sorting products
    • No coordinating distribution of perishable goods
  • No money up front required.
  • Start to finish in as little as two weeks
  • High quality product at a low cost to consumers
  • This product benefits YOUR LOCAL ECONOMY not someone else's.
  • And did we mention 70% profit?!?!
Gregory's Gift of Hope
Colleen and the GGOH Rescue Dog's and Cat's
My Local Deals has been a true suppporter of our organization. Gregory's Gift of Hope, a NO KILL animal rescue/re-home facility has been blessed to have such great friends at My Local Deals. Since fall of 2010 My Local Deals has been supporting our efforts to save "those who speak another language" in our county and the surrounding areas. Through the sales of their coupon books not only have they raised thousands of dollars for the animals they have brought great awareness to our efforts. We wish to send out a big THANK YOU! from the bottom of our heart's and paws.

Chippewa Valley Predators
Matt Risen
My Local Deals has been the easiest and most profitable fundraiser that our team has done. The coupon books sell themselves, especially with the way the economy is today.

Elk Mound Football
Elk Mound Football
The people at My Local Deals did a great job of helping our football team raise money for new football uniforms with their fundraiser coupon books. This was a very easy fundraiser and it was wonderful to work with My Local Deals.

If you would like more information on one of the most profitable fundraising programs available, contact us or call (715)514-4604.
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