• Our book is the MOST COST EFFECTIVE way to reach THOUSANDS of local families.
    • You can advertise in our book for a year for the same price as a day in most newspapers!
  • You TARGET families that spend money not just masses of people.
    • This approach allows your advertising dollar to stretch much further than mass marketing.
  • You are appealing to the emotions of the targeted group.
    • Customers are loyal to businesses in the book because they are supporting the group that the book was purchased from.
  • You are introducing your business to THOUSANDS of new customers daily.
    • This gives you the opportunity to impress the customers with your amazing products and outstanding service.
  • Gain an advantage over businesses that are not in the book.
    • In today's economy everyone is looking for ways to save money; show people that they can gain financially by shopping at your business.
  • Your name is constantly in front of the customer.
    • The books are easy to carry in purses, pockets etc. EVERY TIME a consumer uses the book for anyone's coupon, they will see your business' name!
RJ's Meats
Best results of any similar offer!

K-9 Bath Plus
Terri Hughes
As a small business it is a GREAT way to advertise to a larger area. Everyone loves to support fundraisers if they can and this was definately the way to go for me. Out of all the "more expensive" ways to advertise to the masses, I have more than got my dollars worth! This has worked better than any of the others I pay more for! I highly recommend advertising and supporting My Local Deals!

Lake Wissota Golf
We are able to see many more new customers and develope return business because of the books. Thanks!

Chippewa Valley Museum
Liz Reuter
For the Chippewa Valley Museum, being included in the coupon book means we are able to connect more local residents with the history of the region. We appreciate having this opportunity!

Massage Concepts
Coupon going very well, better turnout than any other I've used - even better than gift certificates I've given away.

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