RJ's Meats
Best results of any similar offer!

Massage Concepts
Coupon going very well, better turnout than any other I've used - even better than gift certificates I've given away.

Hudson Pet Grooming
Very good response, lots of coupons coming in, much better than newspaper. Best advertising I've had in years!

Chippewa Valley Museum
Liz Reuter
For the Chippewa Valley Museum, being included in the coupon book means we are able to connect more local residents with the history of the region. We appreciate having this opportunity!

Lake Wissota Golf
We are able to see many more new customers and develope return business because of the books. Thanks!

Eau Claire Floral
Genny Hay
Our shop ran a coupon with the "My Local Deals" coupon book in 2010 and we have had a great response to it. Our coupon was for a great deal, half off any purchase made in the store-so we did get people in the door, which is exactly what we wanted! We were hoping to gain exposure and get people in to the store. I have gotten many of the coupons in here at the shop, much more than any other offer I have advertised! Since we had such great success from the "My Local Deals" coupon book last year we did the same thing again this year and have already gotten lots of the new ones back!

Most businesses have one primary objective in mind. Advertising firms help businesses draw customers to their establishments. Fundraising companies assist organizations in raising money to operate their groups. Other businesses make products that allow end consumers to save their hard earned money while still enjoying all the goods and services a community has to offer.

My Local Deals is truly one of a kind because we are a company that meets the needs of all three groups We provide businesses with a unique advertising outlet that draws new customers through their doors daily. Our product is sold by dozens of local groups allowing them to raise the money necessary to keep their incredible organizations running smoothly. The consumers that buy these books can save money, shop locally and bring revenue to the businesses that make the book possible. By making the advertisers, organizations and end consumers all a top priority, we can accomplish the focus of our company "Connecting our Community."
Gregory's Gift of Hope
Colleen and the GGOH Rescue Dog's and Cat's
My Local Deals has been a true suppporter of our organization. Gregory's Gift of Hope, a NO KILL animal rescue/re-home facility has been blessed to have such great friends at My Local Deals. Since fall of 2010 My Local Deals has been supporting our efforts to save "those who speak another language" in our county and the surrounding areas. Through the sales of their coupon books not only have they raised thousands of dollars for the animals they have brought great awareness to our efforts. We wish to send out a big THANK YOU! from the bottom of our heart's and paws.

Elk Mound Football
Elk Mound Football
The people at My Local Deals did a great job of helping our football team raise money for new football uniforms with their fundraiser coupon books. This was a very easy fundraiser and it was wonderful to work with My Local Deals.

Chippewa Valley Predators
Matt Risen
My Local Deals has been the easiest and most profitable fundraiser that our team has done. The coupon books sell themselves, especially with the way the economy is today.

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